• Process Improvement

Process Improvement

Data Transparency drives Business Process Improvement

Whether it’s to reduce operational cost, being able to serve your customers better or keeping up the digital transformation, companies nowadays need to change continuously. Strategic goals are rarely functional in nature. Such goals rely on understanding how the organization creates value and aligns the purpose of its processes. An end-to-end process mindset is often necessary to help organizations achieve their goals.

The Squadra Process Improvement practice can help you and your organization to achieve world class Business Processes, either through Standardization, Optimization, Continuous Improvement or Transformation of your business processes and as a first step in your digital transformation. For any of these improvement goals, Squadra believes that process transparency is a necessary requirement for the identification of Process Improvement opportunities. Real Life Processes need to be known before digitalization makes sense, preferably without lengthy and costly process discovery workshops that often deliver a subjective and idealized picture.

Squadra: Masters in Business Process Improvement

Squadra has a deep understanding of business processes and how to improve them in a broad range of industries. The combination of industry knowledge, experience with Process Improvement methodologies and Process Data analytics makes Squadra uniquely equipped to help ambitious organizations become more effective and efficient.
We achieve results by focusing on the strategy first, translating this into efficient and effective Business Processes while incorporating Change Management and the technology supporting the changes. Using our own propriety SCOPE approach or other customer prescribed methodology, our Process Improvement experts help you to create a complete solution, from analysis through to delivery and control.

Process Improvement supports your Digital Transformation

Today, the environment is changing so quickly that it is hard to keep up unless your business processes are agile enough to comply. To become agile a digital transformation is often needed, which in turn requires having a comprehensive overview of your processes and their performance. Simply digitalizing sub-optimal processes does not render the necessary benefits that you might be targeting for.
Squadra can support you in identifying and designing digitalization opportunities, by focusing on the end-to-end process and its requirements on activities. Once processes are digitized, processes can be measured and monitored, which allows for identification of process improvement opportunities.
To transform and improve business processes, it is necessary to focus on end-to-end processes and the way individual activities add value to these processes in relationship to each other. Automating (sub)processes through for instance Robotic Process Automation (RPA) should been seen in the context of the complete end-to-end process to ensure ROI.

Squadra supports multiple Process Improvement methodologies

In recent decades, a number of Business Process Improvement methodologies have been developed to improve the way organisations run their processes. Squadra agnostically uses whichever methodology is most suited for the Customer requirements. Together with our customers, we identify what problem is to be solved and what methodology would be best suited.

Six Sigma

Originated in the mid-80’s and popularised by General Electric, Six Sigma intended to remove errors in production processes, later extended to administrative processes, by focusing on individual activities in a process. In recent years, the Six Sigma community has been looking to integrate other improvement methodologies into the Six Sigma methodology, such as Lean to make it more powerful.
Six Sigma places great emphasis on fact-based assessment of improvement opportunities through the DMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control) model.
Squadra adds Process Mining to Six Sigma initiatives, to help fact-based decisions during the Measurement and Analysis phases, as well as post Improvement (measurement and) Control phase.


Where Six Sigma focuses on individual activities, Lean focuses on the flow of activities, identifying inefficiencies (waste). Originating in the Toyota Production System, with attributes like JIT, Kanban, Kaizen and Value Stream Mapping, Lean is very reliant on process identification through Brown-Paper sessions, in which subjective and partial information is used to identify individual processes and improvement opportunities. More-over, these Brown-Paper sessions will identify the most frequently used process and up to five process deviations at best, leaving out the individual deviations, while these could be responsible for the majority of the KPI overruns and cost excesses.
Squadra does support Lean initiatives, by using Process Mining we can identify inefficiencies and deviations more quickly and comprehensively. By focusing on all cases and events, a Lean project can be much more complete in its analysis and measurement.

Business Process Redesign/Reengineering

BPR states that process improvements need to be driven by Business Strategy and Goals at all levels. Next, improvements and processes that underlay them need to be approached comprehensively, incorporating all activities in an end-to-end approach. Without this comprehensive approach, piecemeal improvements can lead to deterioration of the entire Value-Chain. To accommodate this approach, processes need to be known and described extensively and holistically.
Squadra adds Process Mining to BPR to make the project fact based, create process transparency and take out time consuming discovery workshops.

In conclusion

Squadra supports companies in their quest to optimized processes and digital transformation, using a number of methodologies and tools, dependent on the specific customer requirements, focusing on what is needed specific to the requirements of the process improvements at hand.

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“Now we have means to continuously measure and improve process performance, variations, and process compliance”

Key benefits include:

  • No lengthy Brown Paper session based on opinions but Process Discovery based on facts
  • Performing detailed analyses based on all available facts
  • Identifying end to end process issues and their root causes with supporting data
  • Prioritizing, targeting and executing process improvements
  • Monitoring the actual results
  • Predicting process results
  • Instantly benchmarking your end to end business process performance

Do you want to know more? Feel free to contact Squadra.
Send an e-mail to info@squadra.nl

Process Improvement

“It is our goal to turn your Digital Transformation Strategy into Successful Operation”