Master Data Management

Build a Firm, Reliable Data Foundation for your Business

The amount of data in companies is growing rapidly, as is the amount of systems that need to use that information. At Squadra, we help organizations to get a firm grip on their critical information in order to provide customers, suppliers, partners and employees with accurate information.

Every company wants to provide its employees, suppliers, partners and customers with the right data. But as a company grows, this gradually becomes more difficult. Because when the company grows – either organically or by mergers and acquisitions – data is scattered across different departments. Each department has its own focus and each department has its own version of the truth when it comes to customer, product and supplier data.

The system landscape has expanded over time and the integration of data has become more complex. With every new system, a new data source is added. Critical master data – for example, the email address of a customer – might be needed in several systems. If this data process isn’t setup and managed correctly, the master data will vary from system to system. This results in mistakes, a lack of trust in the system, and lots of expensive and time-consuming manual work, ineffective marketing efforts, spam, returns and so on.

Master Data is the foundation of any data driven company. It’s the oil that flows through the organization, keeping processes moving and, in the end, keeping customers satisfied. This demands one single, trusted version of the truth. And this is where Master Data Management (MDM) comes in. MDM guards and streamlines the way master data is entered, processed, guarded, and changed within the company, resulting in one single version of the truth and enabling different departments and systems to stay synced regarding their crucial data.

Squadra, masters in Master Data Management

The Squadra team has profound knowledge and experience in all areas of Master Data Management. By using our SCOPE framework, we help you to create one version of the truth, setting the stage for success. Squadra achieves results by perfectly balancing the four most important elements of every transformation effort: the data itself, the business processes, the supporting systems, and the organization, including its people and capabilities, as well as the structure and governance.

Using our SCOPE approach, our experienced, independent Master Data Management experts help you to create a complete solution that is fit for purpose. We support our customers in their MDM challenges with services ranging from Strategy, Maturity Assessments, Awareness workshops and Package Selections up to Business Program Management, Vendor Reviews, Implementations and Operational Optimization. Squadra is an independent management consultancy organization. We are 100% vendor-agnostic.

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“Master Data Management is a critical success factor in constructing and executing optimal customer experience management processes.”

Gartner, March 2017

Key benefits of Master Data Management

Master Data Management (MDM) is used to define and manage the critical data of an organization to provide one single version of the truth.

Key benefits include:

  • Improved data quality (completeness, correctness and no duplicates)
  • Less mistakes that need to be fixed manually
  • Cost reduction in those departments involved
  • A 360-degree view of your customers, products, and/or suppliers

Resulting in:

  • Improved customer experience on websites and increased Shopping Cart size
  • Omnichannel consistency
  • Quality foundation for personalization
  • Reduction in the time to market
  • Improved Customer Service, Customer Satisfaction, and Loyalty
  • Higher marketing effectiveness
  • Better conversion rates and margins
  • Reduction of returns
  • More accurate reporting and less compliance risks
  • MDM lays the groundwork for mergers & acquisition as well as for realizing innovations

Do you want to know more? Feel free to contact Squadra.
Send an e-mail to +31 6 53352945)
or (+31 6 54751271).

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