Business Process Management

Business Process Management (BPM) covers the analysis, modelling, organizing and monitoring of business processes

Even though processes are often viewed as unique, managing these often is not. Squadra strongly believes that BPM supports and enables process thinking in your organization. Processes need to be known before digitalisation makes sense, preferably without lengthy and costly process discovery workshops that sometimes bring little more than an idealized picture. That is where Process Mining and Process Management interconnect.

Squadra: Masters in Business Process Management

Squadra has a deep understanding of Business Process Management and its requirements in a broad range of industries. The combination of industry knowledge and experience with Process Management makes Squadra uniquely equipped to help ambitious organizations become more process aware and mature in Process Management.
We achieve results by visualising processes, tilting the organization from a silo like structure to End-to-End process structure and proposing changes to management structure.
Squadra supports implementation of a number of process management techniques and solutions.

Maturity in Business Process Management

Since its inception, the CMMI maturity model has been applied to a number of subjects and Business Process Management is no stranger there.
It is fair to say most companies these days operate on CMMI Process level 2, meaning that some of their processes are mapped and known mostly on departmental level, and therefore can be monitored and improved, struggling to make the leap to level 3 (source: Harmon).
Squadra aims to support organisations in discovering, analysing, designing and monitoring end-to-end processes while keeping a keen eye on the potential of CMMI Process level 5.

Business Process Management (BPM)

BPM provides concepts, methods, techniques and tools that cover all aspects of managing a process – plan, organize, monitor, control – as well as its actual execution. BPM is a methodology focussing on end-to-end processes crossing organizational silos. By creating a process model, visualising activities and the connections between them, mapping these to organisational entity and ensuring responsibility for each, processes can be more easily monitored, managed and changed, for instance by identifying automation opportunities.
Together with our Process Mining practice, Squadra applies rich bottom-up event data to process discovery to create the actual BPMN Process Model.

Process Management supports your Digital Transformation

To transform and improve business processes, it is necessary to focus on end-to-end processes and the way individual activities add value to these processes. Even though processes are often viewed as unique, managing these often is not. Especially in light of the requirements of a digital transformation, one should realize the program is better managed by a process-based approach. Digitalization of sub-optimal processes does not render the necessary benefits that you might be targeting for.

Business Case Management (BCM)

Case management is used for managing unstructured processes; processes in this case change from one case to another. No longer is there a requirement to describe all processes in advance, as long as activities are known. Processes can be case dependent by allowing the flexibility to choose follow-on activities dependent on the requirements for each specific case; routing is determined by the person responsible for the previous activity. This does imply that required information for the next step needs to be available and should be a mandatory requisite dependent on the next assigned activity. Should after mapping each of the individual cases, a pattern emerge, this process could be standardized. Until then, business rules need to be identified and formalized.
Squadra can support you in identifying and formalizing these business rules and maintaining these in a Case Management software solution.

Squadra supports multiple Business Process Management tools

In recent years, a number of tools have been developed that support the management of business processes. Squadra helps in selecting the proper tool for any situation.
Squadra is software agnostic, meaning that we will focus on the customer and their needs. Together with our customers, we identify what software tools would be best suited for the customer requirements and environment.

Business Process Management Suits (BPMS)

BPMS are software suites supporting the BPM methodology, adding a software suite, which includes activities such as:

  • Enterprise Application Integration.
  • Business Process Modelling.
  • Workflow Management.
  • Document Management.
  • Business Activity Monitoring.

Organizations that are ready for a Business Process Management Suite tend to be further along the CMMI levels when they are willing to capture significant benefits from BPMS. BPMS can be used to support the Digital Transformation in companies by using Low Code approaches to extraction and combination of data. Recent developments around Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), allowing simulation and automation of Business Process changes, could support even further BPM and Case Management
Squadra, with its unique positioning can together with our Machine Learning practice, adjust and automate your processes with use of robotics, AI and natural language processing. Squadra works with the major BPMS suite vendors to support companies in their Digital transformation.

In conclusion

Squadra supports companies in organising and implementing Business Process Management.

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”Now we have means to consistently manage and control our process, performance and process compliance”

Key benefits include:

  • Formalization of existing or designed processes
  • Execution of processes in a consistent manor
  • Standardized processes can be communicated more easily
  • Standard process documentation facilitate improvement projects, by pinpointing designed inefficiencies
  • Compliance by documentation of processes
  • Flexibility and agility by visibility during process change

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Business Process Management

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