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About our Process Management practice

Squadra Process Management supports customers in the discovery, analysis, improvement and management of business processes. Our practice consists of a number of sub-practices that focus on our Business Process propositions around Process Mining, Process Improvement and Process Management.

  • Process Mining revolves around knowing your process as it actually happens.
  • Process Improvement leverages data and insights collected through Process Mining as part of your Process Improvement analysis and control phase, seamlessly integrating into methodologies we support: Six Sigma, Lean, ToC, TQM, WCM and BPR.
  • The management of processes is facilitated through Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Process Management Suites.

Squadra Process Management has a unique, independent position in the market. We are software agnostic and will only use software that is fit-for-purpose in achieving your goals. We work closely together with software suppliers to ensure implementations are successful.

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