Our team

Squadra consist of experienced professionals with a solid track record in their domain. We are passionate about our work and networkers by nature not only want to leverage our own experience and knowledge but also want to facilitate interaction between customers. This is what we do by facilitating initiatives like ShoppingTomorrow, round tables, user groups and CIOday.

“We are partners and associates implying that each of us is as good as the last reference. This, by nature, creates the right drive to turn our customer demands into a success”

Rudi van Lent

Is a seasoned Master Data Management and Data Quality specialist. He strongly believes that proper usage of data makes the difference in business agility. Data is a valuable asset and should be managed as such. With a background in Information Technology, Rudi likes to operate between business and IT.
In his spare time Rudi likes water sports and spending time with family and friends.

Jos Schreurs

Is one of the founding partners of Squadra and started the PIM/MDM practice about 9 years ago. He has extensive experience with national and international companies, amongst others in retail, wholesales and manufacturing. His hands-on approach and senior experience with implementing complex change related programs, makes him a trusted partner for many companies. He loves to travel, enjoys wining and dining and embraced Italy when living there.

Mark Cartigny

Experienced senior professional and manager in the field of MDM, CRM and Marketing Intelligence. Has his focus on appliances and value creation with data in business chains and by analytics.
As a team player he is also strong in coaching professionals to the next level.
Before Squadra Mark has worked, among others, with PostNL and Deloitte Consulting. In his spare time he likes to be referee at field Hockey and travelling with his family. He is also highly interested in sustainability.

Peter Pottinga

Experienced PIM/MDM professional driven by realizing business improvements using creative and innovative technologies. Over the years, Peter has worked on multiple high-impact PIM/MDM projects in industries that have embraced standards (GS1, ETIM) to exchange product- and transaction information. Peter likes to travel and enjoys photography and sports.

Norbert Donders

A Senior Project Manager with in-depth experience of Project Management and Master Data Management. Norbert has worked in complex organizations. He likes to have a conceptual approach to solve problems and motivates teams with his enthusiasm. In his spare time he goes running and likes to sing.

Roger Wegh

Is one of the founding partners of Squadra with a passion for Customer Engagement and Customer Data Management. As a senior professional, with 20+ years of experience in different industries, he helps companies to become more data driven and customer centric. Quote: “customer data is the foundation to get the right customer insights that will help you to improve your business, define the right products and services with the goal to deliver connected customers and excellent customer experiences”. In his free time, Roger likes to run or to cycle and loves Italy.

Ralf Ritzen

Experienced Product Information Management professional with a passion for technology who’s eager to work hands-on and provides implementable solutions. Over the past 6 years, he has been dedicatedly sharing his PIM expertise with customers. Ralf enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

Tjibbe van der Zeeuw

Professional networker and headhunter. From corporate C-level to tech savvy startup with passion for digital disruption and organizational change. Thinking in possibilities. In his free time, Tjibbe is enjoying life on a sportive (soccer, squash, CrossFit, sailing) or culinary way.

Ron Stolwijk

Is the prototype of the ‘T-shaped’ person: broad management experience and entrepreneur with lots of experience combined with in depth knowledge and passion for MDM, e-Commerce and related logistics challenges. Ron enjoys life, likes to go to concerts and interesting cities and spends time on voluntary work in the public domain.

Arja Kapitein

Seasoned Change Management Consultant for more than three decades. Most recent in the area of Product Data Management. Before Squadra, Arja has worked for Capgemini, Albert Heijn and Stegeman. Arja is also co-owner of a classic car museum and member of supervisory boards (a.o. best library of the world 2018).

Wim Griffioen

Is one of the founding partners of Squadra and has worked for major national and international companies on CIO level. At Squadra Wim focusses on Master Data Management and more specifically the transformation of companies into real Omni channel players and the challenges with respect to product master data. In his free time he likes playing sports as well as cooking with friends and family.

Hans Heutink

More than 15 years of experience with delivering PIM and e-commerce platforms in project- and line management roles. His strong customer focus combined with a can do attitude are effective ingredients to build successful solutions and teams. In his free time Hans enjoys family time, photography and tries to keep a regular running schedule.

Ellen Kostelijk

Experienced and professional project manager who likes to work in complex, multidisciplinary organizations and projects. In addition to realizing agreed deliverables, her focus is on a good working atmosphere and efficient collaboration. When she is not at work, she likes to spend time reading, to philosophize with friends about the challenges in life while enjoying dinner / lunch and drinks

Angelique Vervloet

Product Information Management professional with a passion for process optimization and aligning business processes with MDM/PIM solutions. Angelique has broad, hands on experience in areas of MDM and PIM projects within Multinationals. Angelique loves to spend her free time with family and friends. Besides she likes travelling, hiking and spending time at the beach.

Onno Cleijpool

Product Information Management specialist. Bringing product data to the next level. I have worked for large retailers and OEMers in the fashion, food and industrial sector. Focus on people and process before solution and data. Let data talk.

Kristy Naus

A senior professional with a strong focus on process management, digital experience improvement and Master Data Management. Kristy brings over 10 years of management experience across a range of disciplines and organisational areas, including eCommerce, Merchandising, Marketing and IT. It is her passion to support organisations going through complex change, whether brought by the introduction of a new technology platform, organisational redesign, or continuous process improvement initiatives. Her goal is to at all times secure the optimal process and operational excellence. In her spare time, Kristy loves spending time with family and friends, reading and cycling.

Eric Hellemons

Seasoned advisor in Business Process Improvement and Project Management, helping companies to analyse and improve their processes using Process Mining and Lean techniques. Eric has over 25 years of experience in the field working on IT-enabled change and improvement. Eric likes to travel and explore new cultures.

Marc Koetsier

Passionate Master Data Management program-manager with a hands-on attitude. Marc worked at both large corporations as well as smaller retailers, implementing different MDM applications. In his rare spare time, besides traveling, he likes to spend time in his recreational house in the woods, which he is renovating himself.

Lindsay Gysen

Is a passionate team assistant, helps the team as good as possible. She is a handyman: marketing, accounting, contracts, etc. In her leisure time she loves to travel, cook and spend time with her family.

Marein Roelofs

Experienced executive recruiting and scouting specialist with a passion for Digital Transformation and Innovation. Marein has experience in finding the right candidates for (international) executive roles in different environments. Her aim is to always find the right toptalent that organisations need to realise their ambitions and goals by connecting people and organisations. In her free time, Marein likes to sport, to travel, and to spend time with family and friends.

Guus van de Mond

Is the founder of Squadra Machine Learning Company. Together with his team of data scientists he helps companies with the appliance of artificial intelligence. He is a passionate entrepreneur and professional, with a sense for practical new technologies. His motto: Use data to work smarter, not harder!

Jelmer Wind

Is an experienced data scientist who draws from a wealth of experience including work on financial predictive models. With a strong theoretical background including a Ph.D., the goal is always to solve problems well by understanding them well. That approach has proven to be a good foundation to make very reliable predictive models. Also enjoys spending time with his wife and son, going to the zoo or staying at home.

Meindert Boorsma

Enthousiastic and Passionate program and project manager with broad experience in building (MDM) organisations and making structural changes happen in retail, wholesale and manufacturing industries. Structuring and optimising existing organisation and business processes into sustainable environments supported by critical IT applications (ERP, MDM, PIM, MAM, MES, CRM etc.) is the red wire across Meinderts carreer.
Besides work the balance in life between family, health and work is key to be successful. Next to running Meindert is chairman of the local Swimming association in Veenendaal (VZC).

Joey Jacobs

Thinks that working with data has the potential to dramatically change the current society and has, therefore, started to master these interesting techniques. Currently focusing on the state of art in the fast growing market of voice commerce and always eager to discuss this with you. If this is not your favorite topic, he is always open for a chat about his favorite sport as well: football.”

Daan van der Vleuten

Holds Master’s degrees in Data Science & Entrepreneurship and Business Information Management, originally coming from an economics background.  This knowledge is being put to the test in his role as data scientist at Squadra MLC. He likes to be active in the front line of emerging technologies, while always aiming to translate these to become part of day-to-day business. When being off-the-job, he likes to play football at his local club, has a passion for skiing and snowboarding, while also enjoying nights out with friends or family.

Piet Hein Barkmeijer

A trusted networker and recruitment consultant who helps his clients succeed by working together in order to turn their strategic recruitment plans into reality. Working with numerous multinationals, family businesses and scaleups to facilitate digital growth. He works closely with board – and senior management members to attract the (IT) leaders of tomorrow. Piet Hein also advises companies on (cultural) change matters and leadership development. In his spare time Piet Hein is a long-distance runner, rap music fanatic, enjoying Amsterdam and above all crazy passionate about his kids and girlfriend.

Leon Gerritsen

Is a data scientist at Squadra Machine Learning Company with a passion for AI, automation and innovation. He’s always looking for novel and creative ways to squeeze the optimal value out of the data. In his free time he likes to produce music, travel and fine dining.

“It is our goal to turn your Digital Transformation Strategy into Successful Operation”