Business insights

As a knowledge based organization, Squadra loves to share information in it’s network of customers, partners and other parties. Please find below our business insights related to our service portfolio. The business insights often refer to white papers or research documents that even hold more information. Sharing is caring, so we hope you will enjoy these insights.

Is your CRM capability still up-to-date?

19 March 2019/by Roger Wegh

PIM Whitepaper – Intelligent PIM solutions

18 February 2019/by Roger Wegh

Changes in PIM driven by innovations in the customer journey (bluepaper, dutch)

10 February 2019/by Roger Wegh

A framework for succesful Customer Engagement (bluepaper, dutch)

4 February 2019/by Roger Wegh

Starting with Process Mining, some considerations

10 January 2019/by Lindsay Gysen

Use of Process Mining in Business Process Management

10 January 2019/by Lindsay Gysen

Process Mining brings Internal & External Auditing to the digital age

10 January 2019/by Lindsay Gysen

The difference between Process Mapping and Process Mining

10 January 2019/by Lindsay Gysen

Overcoming Resistance when Introducing Process Mining in your Organization

10 January 2019/by Lindsay Gysen

Customer Journey Mining: Using event data to rethink the customer journey

10 January 2019/by Lindsay Gysen

CDPs: a foundation for Customer Focused Digital Transformation

4 January 2019/by Roger Wegh

Where Process Mining fits in Business Process Improvement (BPI)

3 January 2019/by Lindsay Gysen

Gartner: “Deliver a Superior Customer Experience”

27 November 2018/by Roger Wegh

Who is responsible for the Master Data?

29 October 2018/by timopurbowo

The need for process intelligence in Business Transformation

29 October 2018/by timopurbowo

The importance of 3D model data is growing

28 October 2018/by timopurbowo

Product Data onboarding is key

26 October 2018/by timopurbowo

Digital Transformation demands new skills for Tech Leaders

24 October 2018/by timopurbowo

“It is our goal to turn your Digital Transformation Strategy into Successful Operation”