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Squadra networking drink

Squadra networking drink with 2 interesting speakers: Arnold Nienhuis (DSM, PPG, KLM, a.o.) spoke about the essential role of Digital Transformation in Customer Centric Innovation. The Squadrians Eric Hellemans and Enno Kroesen gave an well-appreciated presentation on Process Mining, explaining how new Data Science tools can be used to visually identify bottlenecks in processes in […]

Woningbelang Valkenswaard

Woningbelang Valkenswaard is one of the corporations that we have worked with within the past years, #SquadraMLC. By creating a predictive algorithm their services could be improved and moreover, the customer satisfaction could be increased as well! Curious what we have done in this case? Read our article (Dutch) on the Squadra Machine Learning Company website: http://bit.ly/2weBths.

PIM expert group session: Product Visualization and Virtual Reality

PIM expert group session of Shopping Tomorrow held a session regarding product visualization. The first speaker was Danielle ter Haar from Technology2Enjoy about Virtual Reality. The second speaker Tjerk Boorsma from Dura Vermeer told us about the application of Virtual Reality linked to Building Information Modeling (BIM) in residential construction.