Expertgroep Customer Engagement goes Fygital

Kick Off of the 2019, Shopping Tomorrow Research Year –  On May the 29th, the expert group of Customer Engagement launched the new Shopping Tomorrow research year. Thirty experts from various branches such as retail, airlines, wholesale, and even funeral facilitations, investigate how to optimally use the ability to combine physical and digital channels, within a single moment of the Customer Journey. Defined by the term ‘Fygital’.

What is Fygital?

Fygital is quite a mouthful, but there are various examples available, such as:

The orientation moment at Alibaba

The moment of choice at Coolblue

  • In the physical store one can make, for example, a pre-selection of mobile phones via order/information columns, including a choice with (Fygital) help of the vendor, or without (digital). Subsequently, one can check whether the model of choice physically fits in your pocket.

Many organizations face challenges with the implementation of Fygital, due to:

  • division of the responsibilities of channels among various departments.
  • the difficulty of connecting multiple systems with each other.
  • the requirement of employees developing skills on implementing Fygital.

Fygital a la Transavia

Expert Marije Teerling, base lead Customer Experience of, explained how Transavia approaches Fygital to optimally share the experiences of the Transavia customers. In order to do this, a distinction was made between the impact of a happy path customer (e.g. a perfect holiday), and an unhappy path customer (e.g. a delayed or cancelled flight).

When dealing with an unhappy path customer, it is critical that the insecure traveler will immediately receive information on what to do next. By Fygitally approaching this customer’s travelling moment, the combination between mobile devices (digital) and people (empathy, physical) can soften the discomfort of the traveler.

Development of a Fygital Framework

The expert group of Customer Engagement will work on building a Fygital Framework that will provide input for retailers, wholesalers and brands, to improve the utilization of the opportunities created by Fygital. The expert group will, in scenario planning, focus on the future. Do you want to be kept updated? Start following the progress on the Shopping Tomorrow website and the social media channels!

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