Bluepaper: the Business Case for Customer Data Management (Dutch)

'Best in class' customer data is crucial for an optimal customer experience and to realise the value of customer driven strategy.

By seeing data as a strategic asset and making use of available technologies and best practices, companies can use their marketing budgets more efficiently. At the same time their sales and customer loyalty can be increased.

Reliable customer data and strong customer data management are key for the digital transformation strategy of organisations  turning them into a data driven organisation. However, practice has shown that many companies are only at the beginning to set this up. The Squadra built Customer Data Management Framework has been further developed by the Customer Engagement expertgroup of Shopping Tomorrow.
The business case behind customer data management has a central position. The following questions have been answered by the expert group:

  • Which business case drivers and benefits are important for your organization?
  • Which data or data groups do you need to realize these drivers and benefits?
  • Where does the data and/or information come from?
  • How and where is the data stored?
  • What effort is needed to realize the Customer Data Framework
  • What is value of the data involved?

The answer to these and other questions can be found in the expert group's bluepaper which can be downloaded below.

Download the file here

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