Bluepaper: changes in PIM driven by innovations in the customer journey (English version)

Last year the topic of the PIM expert group (product information management) was focused on the output side (or downstream) of PIM and three developments have been chosen: 3D product visualisations, user-generated content and voice interfaces.

The three questions that the expert group has formulated on these topics are:

  • What does the subject imply and what is the impact of this on PIM?
  • What new or adapted data elements are involved?
  • How can you best deal with this as an organization?

3 key takeaways are :

  1. There are good, effective applications of 3D visualization, but for the further development standards are needed that allow exchange of 3D models.
  2. Embrace user feedback (UGC) and get professional with it. So, pay attention to the process, the organization and the system with which you process this information.
  3. Voice requires more and more complex data of a high quality. In order to answer user questions properly, it is important for a voice assistant to know the context of both the product, the customer and the type of customer journey.

Download the file here

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