Gartner: “Deliver a Superior Customer Experience”

Every year, Gartner publishes it’s CIO Agenda. The CIO Agenda points out the most important topics tech leaders will be focusing on in the upcoming year. One of the Gartner CIO Agenda’s prominent points for 2019 is Providing A Superior Customer Experience.

The past few years, the customer has grown to become the focal point in every organization. Now the internet has made everything transparent and everybody is connected via mobile devices, providing superior customer experience has become one of the largest and most important differentiators. Consumers expect that experience to be digital. This means that you first and foremost have to have the customer in mind when it comes to your digital initiatives.

At Squadra, we underscore Gartner’s findings. It’s our wholehearted belief that every organization – whether it’s a government, an SME, or a corporate enterprise – needs to know its customers by heart. You need to know your customers even better than the customers know themselves. Because only if you really know your customers, you can provide them with the best and the most relevant content. Using the right channel, at exactly the right moment.

One of the efforts tech leaders need to focus on, according to Gartner, is ‘Using digitization to reduce the cost of consumer engagement’. We strongly believe that the first step in getting this right, is creating a central Customer Data Platform (CDP) that records every interaction between the organization and the customer. By creating this single and centralized view of the customer, you lay the foundation for a successful omnichannel approach, focused on supporting an excellent customer journey, all in support of an even more excellent customer experience.

Do you want to provide your customers with an excellent customer journey and explore the possibilities of a Customer Data Platform? Feel free to contact our Customer Engagement experts.

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