The need for Process Intelligence in Business Transformation

Blockchain, Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – new technologies are affecting businesses faster every day. Companies are constantly being challenged to keep up and effectively manage complex processes at a volume and speed we could not have imagined just a decade ago. Process Intelligence through Process Mining is one of these technologies that companies should consider to implement to aid the Digital Business Transformation they are going through.

The rise of new technology brings new business challenges

  • Advancements in technology provide companies with the possibility to capture more and more data. With the right analytical tools, they can use this data in meaningful ways. With a comprehensive approach to analytics, companies can unlock valuable insights about e.g. their customer’s preferences and demands, sub-optimized processes and compliance.
  • Customers are becoming more demanding and expect businesses to not only provide quality products and services, but also to optimize their processes in order to deliver unparalleled customer experience throughout the entire customer journey.
  • New technology enables end-to-end process alignment and transparency. When management  focusses on customer-facing activities, the internal process can easily be overlooked, but needs to be aligned. Employees need to be familiar with the overarching process and dependencies as well as the KPI’s their managers are aiming for.
  • The rise of new technologies and big data inevitably means new and more complicated regulations (e.g. GDPR, SOx etc). Companies need to stay not only up-to-date on changes to the law but also incorporate new regulations into daily processes.

These issues will affect your bottom line, and not getting it (first time) right can bring serious repercussions.

Transformation requires a process view

Every business transformation project in the core might be different, but is better managed by a process-based approach.  To transform and improve business processes, it is necessary to focus on end-to-end processes and the way individual activities add value to these processes. Without this analysis, you don’t know what can or will need to change to transform.

Process Mining accurately and efficiently visualizes your business processes and provides objective fact-based insights through process analysis.

Transformation requires transparency

Managers need accurate, actionable insights into operations and full process transparency to support process transformation initiatives, such as Business Process Management (BPM), RPA, SixSigma or Lean.

Full process transparency means an objective insight into how effectively and efficiently the business processes are running and how employees are performing.

Process transparency will also help in the case of internal or external audits. Next, it makes assessing and implementing new technologies, such as ERP or RPA, easier and ensures that the company can be more agile when responding to changes in the market. Process transparency is therefore a must-have for any successful business transformation project.

Transparency through Process Mining

Process Mining accurately and efficiently captures the full view of all your business processes and provides objective fact-based insights through process analysis. It is the way to leverage the digital footprint collected from company databases to gain insights in the performance of these processes. It will highlight places where bottlenecks and deviations occur or where processes could be more efficient or effective.

Process Mining will not only serve as a baseline that will provide initial insights before the start of your transformation but also allow you to evaluate changes in the processes and analyze how successful it was.

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