The PIM expert group of Shopping Tomorrow visited Delihome

The PIM expert group of Shopping Tomorrow was at Delihome (a.o. brands like Jéwé, Bruynzeel, Lundia, Skantrae, CanDo) for a very interesting meeting, facilitated by knowledge partner Squadra. First the beautiful showroom and the product location were visited, followed by presentations of, Dorel (Maxicosi, among others) and Intergamma on User Generated Product Content (UGC). Subsequently, the 20 different experts from very different companies discussed these topics extensively. Some conclusions: 1. UGC is given a very different form within the B2C than in the B2B. 2. If UGC is reused in multiple channels and if it can be traced back to 1 product, UGC should end up in a PIM. 3. Good reviews of products lead to substantially more sales and indirectly to a large pond of improvements to the products (services) themselves.