About Squadra

Squadra supports customers in the execution of their Digital Transformation programs and implementation of eCommmerce and Omnichannel strategies. Squadra consists of a number of practices that focus on the exchange of knowledge and experience in specific domains like Digital Transformation, Master Data Management, Data Science & Business Intelligence, eCommerce and Executive Search. Squadra is Italian for ‘team’ and ‘collaboration’, key elements in our DNA.

Squadra differentiates from the many secondment oriented organisations and adds additional value to its customers. Squadra uses an integrated, business oriented approach with attention for processes, organisation, data and systems. Squadra has a unique, independent position in the market.  As such Squadra will not fullfil the role of a system integrator. We do however work closely together with software suppliers and their system integrators to ensure implementations are successful.

Squadra Knowledgebase & Blogs

Productinformatie onboarding wordt onderschat!

Product Informatie Management is voor steeds meer bedrijven een grote uitdaging. Deze bedrijven hebben geïnvesteerd in een mooie webshop of een belangrijke klant/partner start hiermee. Een goede webshop is in grote mate afhankelijk van goede en vooral rijke content en daarvoor wordt de lat steeds hoger gelegd. Wat stelselmatig wordt onderschat is de inspanning die…

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CDM-onderzoek Squadra 2018 nu te downloaden

CDM-onderzoek Squadra: bedrijven kunnen meer met de juiste klantdata Nederlandse bedrijven hebben verregaande ambities om klanten op basis van de juiste data beter te bedienen. De meeste organisaties zijn evenwel nog lang niet zo ver. Dat blijkt uit onderzoek door Squadra, uitgevoerd onder verantwoordelijke executives. “Ondanks de grote investeringen in systemen, werkwijzen en gespecialiseerde mensen…

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PIM-onderzoek Squadra MDM 2018 nu te downloaden

Product Information Management (PIM) wint sterk aan belang en vereist een professionele, centraal gestuurde aanpak. Zowel binnen de organisatie als over de keten heen. Dat blijkt uit het recente PIM-onderzoek, uitgevoerd door Squadra MDM in samenwerking met Shopping Tomorrow. Van de ondervraagde professionals geeft maar liefst 91 procent aan dat hoge datakwaliteit fundamenteel is. Opvallend is de opmars van machine learning, dat het verrijken van productinformatie automatiseert.

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Squadra is a fast growing organisation with a clear interest in winning specialisation. For us it is essential to maintain the right mix of competencies and skills within the various practices. For that reason we are always looking for the best people. If you are interested to join us as an associate or partner within our network organisation, please contact us.

In case you are looking for an interim or fixed position, please find below a selection of our vacancies of our Matching & Search practice. Here is a complete list of our vacancies.

Manager Business IT

Consistent groeiend Family owned producent in food. Ambitie: de ultieme customer experience, beste product en een glimlach op gezicht van elke klant. Organisatie groeit hard. Het waarmaken van de ambitie vraagt om een nieuwe inrichting van business IT Eco systeem in 2018. Het team Business IT staat voor de uitdaging om met BI, Projecmanagement, Applicatie…

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Vice President IT & Business Operations

Global platform player that helps enterprises to innovate en digitally transform their businessess. Fast growing in NL, UK, USA and Germany. Task; optimize and automate processes to facilitate rapid growth leading small team of experts. Background in it business operations ideally within a Saas environment. Rotterdam. more info: [email protected]

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Master Data Management (MDM)

By combining our extensive experience in Master Data Management, Product Information Management, Customer Data Integration and CRM and our C-level backgrounds, a portfolio of MDM services was developed in close harmony with customers.
Squadra believes MDM challenges require expertise and dedication. That’s why we have decided to fully focus on MDM topics and avoid being the next group of generalists. We believe our customers deserve best in class people with in-depth MDM knowledge and proven experience, supported by customer credentials.

Squadra MDM supports customers with Master Data Management, CRM and PIM (Product Information Management) challenges, ranging from business assessments, package selections up to business programme management and implementations.

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Matching & Search

Squadra Matching & Search focuses on the mediation of executives and senior professionals in the digital transition domain. Matchmaking based on temporary or permanent contracts. Substantive cooperation with other Squadra disciplines in combination with intensive active network management makes Squadra Search is extremely successful in matching the right candidate on difficult vacancies.

Squadra Search can build on 10 years plus reputation matchmaking in Senior IT en “Digital” positions in Netherlands and western Europe

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Digital Transformation

Successful digital transformation requires experience and leadership, and a strong customer focus. We believe that there is no standard approach. That digital transformation needs to be different for each company, and that it is very much a journey, where many adjustments will be made along the way. In Squadra Digital Transformation Management, we have assembled a team of seasoned executives and program managers, with a proven track record in Digital Transformation. Who combine experience in customer-facing propositions and processes, with broad experience in enabling technologies and solutions. Focused on, and tailored to the specific requirements of digital transformation.

Squadra Digital Transformation Management helps companies navigate their Digital Transformation. Core services in this domain are interim management, program management and consulting. Prepared to commit to long-term transformations, but we can also support in strategic decision making, roadmap design and portfolio review.

Data Science

Squadra Data Science provides a range of services in the field of Data Science, the science that combines Big Data and Business Intelligence. We support our customers by putting our Data Science vision, knowledge and experience into a practical roadmap and guidance towards an integrated data landscape.

Squadra guides organisations on how to enrich trusted and structured data from in and external resources with large amounts of less structured data coming from websites, social media and IoT. This enables improved insights in customers, products and other data domains like locations as well as the relations between them. Like with all our services we not only consider the data and system landscape but also take the business processes, organisational structure and capabilities and governance into account.

Process mining & Improvement

We believe to be profitable is about keeping the customer promise, optimize and follow the agreed processes that effect customer experience to get it ‘first time right’ every time.
Process mining produces process models from transactional ‘event’ data. However, contrary to traditional ‘Brown Paper’ approaches, Process Mining provides a complete overview of all historically executed processes, with all its individual exceptions. It is, like Data Mining, a generic technology and can be used in different ways. In short, process mining uses tools that connect to IT-systems (ERP, CRM, eCommerce, the internet, social media, PIM etc.), uses this event data to exhaustively visualize business processes. We at Squadra use Process Mining because it is fact based, fast and efficient, detailed and fair and produces also process metrics.
The benefits of applying process mining to business improvement and digital transformation efforts are enormous. Digitalization effects the way business processes are run, process mining helps you to identify Process Improvement areas as well as opportunities for digitalization and process automation.
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Squadra consist of experienced professionals with a solid track record in their domain. We are passionate about our work and networkers by nature not only want to leverage our own experience and knowledge but also want to facilitate interaction between customers. This is what we do by facilitating initiatives like ShoppingTomorrow, round tables, user groups and CIOday.

“We are partners and associates implying that each of us is as good as the last reference. This, by nature, creates the right drive to turn our customer demands into a success”

  • MDM Professional: Angelique Vervloet

    Angelique Vervloet

  • MDM Professional: Arja Kapitein

    Arja Kapitein

  • MDM Professional: Daan van Tongeren

    Daan van Tongeren

  • MDM Professional: Ellen Kostelijk

    Ellen Kostelijk

  • MDM Professional: Enno Kroesen

    Enno Kroesen

  • MDM Professional: Eric Hellemons

    Eric Hellemons

  • MDM Professional: Frans Melenhorst

    Frans Melenhorst

  • MDM Professional: Jos Schreurs

    Jos Schreurs

  • MDM Professional: Lindsay Gysen

    Lindsay Gysen

  • MDM Professional: Marc Koetsier

    Marc Koetsier

  • MDM Professional: Meindert Boorsma

    Meindert Boorsma

  • MDM Professional: Michel Brakenhoff

    Michel Brakenhoff

  • MDM Professional: Norbert Donders

    Norbert Donders

  • MDM Professional: Onno Cleijpool

    Onno Cleijpool

  • MDM Professional: Peter Pottinga

    Peter Pottinga

  • MDM Professional: Ralf Ritzen

    Ralf Ritzen

  • MDM Professional: Roger Wegh

    Roger Wegh

  • MDM Professional: Ron Stolwijk

    Ron Stolwijk

  • MDM Professional: Tjibbe van der Zeeuw

    Tjibbe van der Zeeuw

  • MDM Professional: Wim Griffioen

    Wim Griffioen


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4141CM Leerdam
The Netherlands
You can contact us by using the contact form or send an email to [email protected].
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